As the horsemeat saga continues around the world the infected countries with potential victims must be wondering when the true of this matter will be known.

It is very important that in a free society consumer are told the true about the products we purchase and what we consume in our diet.  Freedom of information cannot be bartered with and we should not be put in a position to consume any product that could be potentially dangerous to our health or ones that we are not given full disclosure about.

The thought that drug tainted horse meat may have ended up in the food chain and consume by human beings is a rather frightening experience and wherever this problem arise, not only should the public be properly informed about how this happen but there should not be any attempt to cover up this diabolical behaviour by, in my opinion unscrupulous individuals.

If human beings chose to consume horse meat they must do so with the knowledge that is exactly what they are eating and should never have to consume any product disguise as another.

As been reported in the media the scandal began in Ireland in mid-January when the country announced the results of it’s first-ever DNA tests on beef products. It tested frozen beef burgers taken from store shelves and found that more than a third of brands at five supermarkets contained at least a trace of horse. The sample of one brand sold by British supermarket kingpin Tesco was more than a quarter horse.

This will undoubtedly have a negative effect on consumers who cannot trust the products that we are purchasing, to be exactly what they are reported to be and that have the potential of generating panic.   Furthermore, it begs the question of how long has this be going on, and how many people could be affected consuming these products that is found to have extracts of horse meat.

By Sandrea: My Opinion with extract from the media