It is hard for anyone looking at the conflict around the world, the chaos and mayhem that are being inflicted on other human beings without thinking that either we are born moronic or as a race we are far too easily brainwashed.

Looking at the two young men that have been alleged as the Boston bombers, in which 3 people die including an eight year old boy. One has to wonder whether these young men born that way or is it the environment that they grew up in that caused them to act in such a self destructive way.

According to media report there have been comments that Syria may have used chemical weapons against its citizens following the uprising to relieve the current government of their stranglehold on the country and the counterproductive manner in which they view human life.  Once again it begs the question, or we so self-centered and self absorbed that we believe that holding on to power at any cost means that we must destroy the lives of others to do so, and the individuals with such propensity were they born with that kind of inhumanity or did they just pick up those outrageous attitudes going through life.

As a parent I remember only too well when my children were born and I saw innocent written all over their faces, in my opinion there was never any signs that they would turn out to be evil or counterproductive adults and they proved me right as all four are well adjusted adults, knows right from wrong and I cannot help but wonder what the parents of these children who turned out to be less than stellar adults, causing harm and untold hurt and injury to their fellow human beings, must be thinking.

How can one explain to another parent when your child is responsible for taking the life of their child, brother, sister, in fact any family member. It seems to me that must be a nightmare that is extremely hard to comprehend much more to have any kind of justification that would suffice.

I recognize that there is evil in the world and it stems from balance, it stands to reason that if there is good then obviously there must be bad and the fact that we have on one hand God and on the other the Devil, or Satan whichever name we choose to call him then of course evil exist.  However, I do not believe that we are born evil and irrespective of the advances in DNA profile I doubt that there will ever find a gene that cause us to be evil.

Personally, I am of the opinion that our environment shape us into what we become and there are those with the ability to easily brainwash another person into their way of thinking.  These individuals are extremely smart and they tend to target those that are already frail, easily led and have not come to terms with how this planet of ours operate.

It takes an exceptional individuals to convince another human being to strap a bomb to their person and detonating that bomb knowing full well that they will die along with those they intend to murder.  It does not take a leap of faith to recognize these amoral individuals they are the ones that run cults, where they can isolate their victims, break their spirit, their self-esteem and shape them into what they want them to become.

It is important that our society change it way of thinking if we are to have any chance of defeating the disingenuous within our environment, if we are to save the next generation from those with the ability to brainwash them we need to understand the working of those counterproductive human beings and take away the power they seems to have over other, we need to re-educate our young people, we must begin to address the inequality that cause those to seek out and listen to the wrong kind of message, if we are ever going to curtail the chaos and destruction that is around us we must change our perceptions towards each other otherwise the future will be very bleak indeed.

By Sandrea: My Opinion