Are vampire fiction of our imagination or do they really exist, and is terrorizing villages.

Well, according to a little village, called Hamlet of Zarozje in Serbia, villagers is convinced that a legendary vampire ghost has awakened and spreading fear through this remote village.

There is so much concern about this so-called vampire that the local Council warned the villagers to put garlic in their pockets and place wooden crosses in their room.

According to some villagers they are aware that Sava Savanovic a famous Serbian vampire, is a fairy tale, still they believe it is better to take the rumours of a vampire roaming their town seriously and do what they can to ensure their protection.

Most of us tend to remember the numerous films about Count Dracula, which was an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, these were popular during the seventies, and we might even recall the fright we experience watching them, but a bona fide honest to goodness vampire in modern time roaming a tiny village in Serbia, is a little mind boggling.

As one villager said ‘it is easy for strangers to laugh at us’, but we truly believe.  I suppose in the West we are more sceptical and find tale such as these hilarious, but there are more things in Heaven and Earth than human beings are able to comprehend.

The villagers reckon that since the collapse of the wooden mill where the vampire use to hang out, he his angry and looking for a new place, in the mean time terrorizing the villagers seems a good thing for him to do, go figure.

By Sandrea: My Opinion