As we continue to mourn the deaths of twenty six innocent lives, we must now come to the realization that our world is in turmoil from the onslaught of evil.

There are those, I am sure that have their faith severely tested at the moment cannot believe that God would allow this evil to happen, but he did not put the semi-automatic guns in the hands of a deranged individual.

If we accept, as the Bible tell us that the Devil can do just about anything that God can, except for giving life then we realize that the Devil is capable of turning the heart of men so black that they no longer have the ability to recognize what it right and what is definitely wrong.

Our faith and beliefs have been tested over the last few days in ways that we cannot even begin to comprehend and the only way for the Devil and his disciples to win this battle if we allow him to change our belief in an almighty God.

Evil more than ever is upon the world in every shape and form, our planet has been tested in more ways than we care to imagine and the loss of these beautiful children makes it so difficult for us to comprehend that evil exist and when it visit us, it destroys the essence of our being.

As we go forward into the festive season, marred with the lives that have been taken in that elementary school, it will be hard for any community to be all to see anything positive to celebrate knowing what price the Connecticut community paid in the last few days.  However, this is the time for us to unite and defeat those who are hell-bent on carrying out vicious acts against us and our children.

It is not a fluke that the  majority of these individuals that undertake to commit these kind of atrocities end up taking their own life, it is because the demon within them do not want us to understand the reason they choose this destructive path, therefore the onus is on us to relieve them of the weapons that they  used to perpetrate these crimes and let the forces behind these outrageous atrocities realize that we can and will do everything to protect our community and in particular our children.

So, on behalf of all then supporters of Mygripeanthing, we would like to take this opportunity to send our condolences to all the families inflicted by this tragedy and to assure them that they are in our prayers and we mourn with them always.


By Sandrea: My Opinion