For the second time this year a New York subway passenger waiting on the elevated platform for a train has been pushed to his death.

How can one forget the outraged that followed when on December 3, 58 year old Ki-Suck Han was shoved in front of a subway train in Time Square.  A photograph of the incident was published on the front of the New York Post, which angered a number of people who believed that image depicting the man on the track split seconds before his demise should not have been taken.

The death of another commuter this time in the borough of Queens must be causing great concerns not just for the authority but the travelling commuters.  People being killed in this kind of nightmarish fashion will no doubt prove to be extremely worrying.

There as to be a reason why a simple task of waiting to board a train becomes a nightmare scenario, wondering whether you are going to be the next victim being shoved in front of an on-coming train, unable to trust the other commuters standing or walking within the vicinity.

One of the most frustrating aspects of these incidents is that it would appear that the perpetrators of this crime are total strangers and this is what make these random acts of violence so heinous because no one knows when or if they will be targeted.

As reported in the Han case a homeless man was charged with his death and although he plead not guilty to the offense he added that Han was the aggressor on that fatal day when he was shoved in front of the train.

According to statistics being pushed onto a train track is a silent fear for many commuters, this is now proving to be a reality for some people and very scary thought for others.  Although these incidents are supposedly rare, two in the same month must be of great concern for the millions of commuters who ride the subway each and every day, having to wonder will they be the next victim.

By Sandrea: My Opinion