As police in Birmingham arrest a 22 year old man suspected of stabbing a 16 year old on a bus which she died of her injuries, the question is why such a ghastly crime should occur.

The frustrating aspects of this crime are that according to the authority this was a random crime committed against a young girl on her way to school.  There did not seem to be an altercation that would cause this young girl to lose her life.

There are times when we cannot find answers to why someone commits a criminal act society believe that there must be some justification as to why people behave in these diabolical anti-social ways that causes grief to the families and friends of their victims.

In my opinion, I believe that we are now living in a world divided by good and evil and it would appear from all the information available to us that evil is winning the battle.  The atrocities that human beings are capable of inflicting on each other defy logic.

Apart from the media report of the stabbing death of this young girl it was also reported that a 21 year old British university student was ordered to do 120 hours community service for frying a hamster, and because the courts was uncertain as to whether the hamster was alive and suffered unnecessarily, community service became the order of the day and therein lies a society problem.

For an individual who has the ability to attend university he should have known better and the fact that he disregard everything that should be caring and decent even if it applies to an  animal demonstrate, in my opinion that here we are seeing the first signs of a disturbed and anti-social individual.

When society gives these individuals a slap on the wrist we leave them to, in my opinion carry out other carnage against a society that will be far worse than the frying of an innocent hamster.

As a society, our judicial systems need to pay more attention to these bad behaviors undertaken by section of our community and clamp down hard on the perpetrators of these crimes, who is to say that the 22 year old that killed the 16 year old school girls did not in his past undertake anti-social behavior that as lead up to him committing the most gruesome of all crimes, murder.

If we continue to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the common denominators that lead to future bad behavior of these disturbed individuals, then we are destine to continue repeating the same mistakes over and over again and in the meantime families continue to bury their loved ones because we are failing to recognize evil when we see it and that is a rather sad affair.

By Sandrea: My Opinion