More than 100 people have died of exposure in northern India.  As India comes to terms with their historical cold temperature the poor within their society is paying the ultimate price.

Mexican troops killed 12 so-called suspected criminal in what is reported to be a fierce gun battle across the central state of Zacatecas.  According to what the media report as official sources.

In a continuation of US drone activities in Pakistan, it has been reported that a warlord who was responsible for sending men to fight NATO troops in Afghanistan was killed.  Pakistan official says that Mullah Nazir was killed when the US drone fired two missiles into his vehicle. Five of the warlord loyalist including two senior deputies were among those that were killed.

As the United Nations official says that since the civil uprising in Syria began in March 2011 there is an estimated 60,000 people have been killed.  They further added that the casualty figure may be much higher than the estimation however, they will have to wait until peace is once more restored in Syria to undertake further investigation in order to discover how many people died, the circumstances and who will be held responsible for any crimes committed.

Although we have only gone 3 days into 2013 the headlines from around the world have not really changed, there are still chaos and mayhem happening and there just seem to be no end in sight to the violence.  All that one can hope for is that as we progress further into 2013 we will find an effective solution to deal with the current problems and return humanity to some semblance of normality.

By Sandrea: My Opinion