It as been 11 years and a cost to the British taxpayers of 17.4 billion was the war in Afghanistan really worth it.

Afghanistan conflict did not only cost the British taxpayers hugely, but it also took the lives of some 438 British personnel.  Can we honestly say that it was worth both the cost and the human sacrifice.

Regardless of the fact that Afghanistan has what some would perceive as an elected government, the country is still in turmoil, suicide bombings commonplace and no one seems to be able to effectively control the activities of then Talibans.

With the United Kingdom now planning to reduce their presence from 9000 to 5200 by the end of the year, one must wonder what will become of then Afghan people.

It sometimes appears that we do not learn from past mistakes and are destined to repeat them over and over again.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan lasted for nine years, from December 1979 to February 1989. At that time the Soviet-led Afghan forces fought against what was then called the Mujahideens.  After the Soviet withdrew civil war erupted in Afghanistan with an estimated 400,000 Afghan civilians losing their lives.

What can we assumed from that historic event, will the country repeat the same civil disobedience after the withdrawal of the British and NATO forces, what are we leaving the Afghan people with, how will this impact on their lives, and will they see themselves as once again abandon by the British and NATO as they were deserted by the Soviet.

A long protracted war is not anyone’s idea of resolving a problem, except in the situation such as seen in world war two, at least the allied forces defeated Hitler.  However, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq seems to generate more problems than it resolve and it makes me wonder is our country resources being utilized effectively when we decide to wage war against another country.

There is no doubt that we have to intervene where there are clear signs that atrocities are being committed on defenseless people, but we should ensure that when we intervene internally in a country the end result should be that when we withdraw we left a country not in chaos but stable and working for the benefits of all its people, anything else and we would have failed.

By Sandrea: My Oinion